​Traditional Russian food you should definitely​ try

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One of the best parts of traveling to a different place is for sure the food, and in Russia, you can find a lot of stunning dishes. Here is a (short) list of tasteful pieces of our country for you to try, and for some a short description of our sweet opinion about them

  • Pelmeni: ravioli with meat served with sour cream.
  • Vareniki: ravioli with cottage cheese, potatoes, and cherries.
  • Rye croutons with garlic: good with Beer.
  • Soups: you can find a lot of different types of soups here. Famous Borsch, Solianka, Harcho, Okroshka (which is a cold soup, for summertime).
  • Pepper stuffed with meat and rice
  • Korean carrots: which is something really Russian, Koreans don’t even know about its existence!
  • Sirniki: this one is for breakfast only.
  • Olivier salad: a famous Russian salad but exactly the way we eat it)
  • Vinegret salad: a vegetarian must eat.
  • Honey cake: just delicious
  • Street food: Cheburek (fried) or pirozhki (fried or baked)
  • Shashlik (BBQ type of meat cured Russian way) It is a must!
  • Blini: Russian pancakes.
  • Fried potatoes with mushrooms
  • Plov (rice dish with meat)
  • Tula prianik: it’s a sort of gingerbread nicely decorated. Really good as a souvenir.
  • Russian chocolate: MUST! There are stores where you buy them for kilograms (you pay what you are taking, as vegetables in a supermarket).
  • Caviar
  • Dry fish: really goes well with beer
  • Herring under a fur coat (salad)
  • Salo: pure pig fat. Doesn’t sound nice but it is actually quite good
  • Kvas (non-alcoholic drink)
  • Last but not least, pickled-everything: there are lots of picked food here in Russia!

You can ask our staff at Safari Hostel for recommendations on Russian food to try! Safari Hostel is a great place for your stay in Moscow, really close to the city center, Bolshoi Theater, Red Square and surroundings. There are many good restaurants nearby where you can probably find many of this dishes. The hostel from time to time also offers a Russian Dinner Night, where you can try some of this dishes with the touch of our international staff cooking.

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