One day in Moscow

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Surely one day will be a very short of a stay in Moscow, but can get to know a bit of the heart of Russia in your precious hours in the city time if you stay in a good place close to the city center <<link to location page>> and focus on the main sights! Below, enjoy our quick guide for your stay here in our beloved city.

1) Moscow Metro and the Bolshoi Theater
Start your day going from your place to Teatralnaya Station, using the splendid Moscow Metro, well know for its fantastic architecture, works of art and greatness. All stations are special, you really have to see them with your own eyes that such beauty can be held even in such common structures like the tube.

2) Red Square and the Kremlin
Visit the heart of the city, were most of the postcards from Moscow are taken: the Red Square. Arguably the most important place of the country, the Kremlin (located just at the square) is the iconic red fortress that still holds the Russian Government. In the square also sits the Lenin Mausoleum, the Kazan Cathedral, the State Museum, GUM Department Store (which was the State Department Store back in socialist days) and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. All a real show of Russian culture, architecture and power.

3) St Basils Cathedral
Just there, at the same Red Square you will find one of the most iconic churches in the whole world: the colorful Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Take your time to appreciate its architecture, which you will definitely not find anywhere else in our planet. The cathedral now is a museum, and ou can enjoy its colors from inside as well.

4) Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
This place was finished just in 1997, after being destroyed by Stalin, in celebration of Moscow’s 850th birthday. A just stunning place to see, and begin a walk around until you reach the Monument of Peter the Great, a near 100-meter statue celebrating the Russian Navy.

5) Gorky Park
After the walk around the streets of this unique city, you deserve to just sit down, relax and enjoy your day off around Gorky Park, just across the Moskva river.

You can do all that really close to Safari Hostel, one of the best hostels in Moscow. We are located in just the best neighborhood of the city, really close to the Red Square, Bolshoi Theater and different subway stations are within 5-minute walking distance. Wherever you are from, and no matter how long you are staying in Moscow, we are here for you! Have a wild stay with us in Safari Hostel!

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